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About Us

About Us​

Music is a universal language that speaks to all races, ages, cultural backgrounds and beliefs together under one roof. It is no wonder why most brands and adverts use music as the language to communicate with their  viewers and listeners. The DURBAN JAZZ FESTIVAL is a celebration of music like no other, with festivities, food, being embraced on Durban soil.

With different music genre to entertain and reverberate through diverse audiences for the duration of the day, for Different age groups to experience the festivities on DURBAN soil through the DURBAN JAZZ FESTIVAL. Music genres ranging from afro-soul, afro-pop, traditional and closing off with jazz. 

Durban Jazz Festival

Let the music unite us all on this particular day, let us show you what KZN is known for, experience music in a different way with us Durban Jazz Festival, the organizers and coordinators of the DURBAN JAZZ FESTIVAL .

Durban Jazz Festival has become a premier music event in Durban. It is as popular as other jazz festivals even though it has not featured a lot of  international artists, and yet it manages to draw a host of international visitors who come specifically for the festival. The event has a potential to grow even further to include other activities. The venue is big enough to accommodate additional patrons,  the event to ensured that it continues to be Durban’s tourist destination event.

Our Team

Thank you to the entire Durban Jazz Festival team for making this event a success. We are also super grateful to all the music artists, who have lent their considerable support to this event over the years. A huge thank you to the loyal Durban Jazz Festival fans, as they make what we do a pleasure and worthwhile.

Mdu Ngcobo


Lindelani Mkhize



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